About Sweet Hollows Designs

Sweet Hollows Designs

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Our mission is to enable natural clothing and fabric choices that promote ecological harmony and facilitate the flow of life force energies. We do this by teaching you how to make your own fabric and clothing. If you do not have the time to do so, buy from us. We construct our products from natural fabrics with 100% silk thread. We encourage re-use of natural fabrics by providing ideas for using your gently used wool and cashmere sweaters in our Medley Design series.

Although our suppliers tell us our fabrics and yarns are undyed, they will not guarantee it, so neither can we. We ask that you come to feel our fabrics and products to test for yourself which fabrics and yarns work for you.

We are committed to working towards providing a full range of clothing products. It may take us a few years to get there: stay tuned!

Our History

In the fall of 2015, Ingrid Splettstoesser, our owner, was working with students of Danu Studies Inc. (our parent company) to balance and strengthen the flows of their bone joint chakra fields. She discovered that synthetic and certain other materials appeared to disrupt the flow of those fields.  Since fully natural and cotton-free clothing was not generally available, she formed Sweet Hollows Designs.

It has taken three years and the surfacing of Ingrid’s cotton allergy for us to finalize our offerings.

We are thankful for the suppliers of natural yarns and fabrics that have made it possible for us to create our products and make them available to you.