Sweet Hollows Designs Woollies Bonus Program

Yatns that we sellThe purpose of our bonus program is to encourage the use of natural yarns and natural fabrics in clothing, for knitting, and for weaving.

How you earn Woollies Bonus Points

When you pay for services provided by Ingrid Splettstoesser at Sweet Hollows Designs, 50% of the total amount before taxes if paid by cash, or 40% if paid by credit card, will be added to your Woollies Bonus Points balance.

There are three groups of services

  • Life force energy training, such as Reiki, Axiatonal Alignment or Qigong Dance.
  • Fabric arts groups or classes such as knitting and weaving.
  • Private services such as Reiki and Brennan Science treatments or private qigong instruction.

When you can use your Woollies Bonus Points

There is a waiting period of five business days after you have made your payment. Second, services must have been provided completely prior to your using your points.

Three woolly tunicsWhat you can buy with your Woollies Bonus Points

Any of the regular-priced items listed under Out Stuff on our web site can be purchased with Woollies Bonus Points. This includes garments, knitting yarn, knitting needles and supplies, and Leclerc looms.

Exclusions (what you cannot buy with your Woollies Bonus Points)

Sale priced items, services, and Ingrid’s art are not included.

Loom rental fees are not included as loom rental fees may be applied to the cost of purchase of a loom.

Limitations and fine print of the Woollies Bonus Points program

Woollies Bonus Points are not redeemable for cash.

To participate, customers must sign up for the Woollies Bonus Points program; it is not automatic.

Terms and conditions of the Woollies Bonus Points program may be changed upon 90 days’ notice.

How Notice of changes will be provided

Notice of changes to the Woollies Bonus Points program will be provided by posting a notice that there is a change on the home page of the Sweet Hollows Design web site (sweethollows.ca) and changes will be listed on this page with an effective date.

Effective date of introduction of Woollies Bonus Points: November 3, 2018