About Ingrid Splettstoesser, MMQ

With over 30 years of experience and kinesthetic (felt sense) awareness, I can help you find your next steps to improve your subtle energy body strength, harmony and balance.

Find out how, by reading my book, The Bok Choy Children and the Golden Circle.

Purchase classes or sessions by contacting me at sweethollowsinfo@gmail.com or call me at 705-229-4916.

Together, we are brighter and stronger.

My logo was done without words, to show a few powerful concepts of my practice.  They are: let us connect safely, so that each of us can share our life’s passion with joy, safely, in respectful relationship with each other and our planet.

Invigorate your personal growth together using Tai Chi Qigong, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki.

What are you dealing with?

  • Ingrid September 2018Having trouble finding your true self and inner joy?
  • Unexplained pain that the doctors cannot address?
  • Torn apart by anger or indecision?
  • Overwhelmed or paralyzed by fear or grief?

Some people feel pain and emotions both physically and at the subtle energy level. They might feel more pain because they can sense what is happening at the level of qi (chi, ki) also known as life force energy or the subtle energy body. Qi is a Chinese word that describes these invisible flows of bio-light, electromagnetic and other patterns and forces that nourish us and connect us.

If you are ready to explore greater awareness of your own subtle energy body, let us work together to embody respect, compassion and love using qigong, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki and axiatonal alignment.

Shock, trauma and living life change us

Generations-old or other patterns, or experiencing shock or trauma can lock our subtle energy body into stubborn, dysfunctional patterns. When you feel pain and the doctors cannot find it, perhaps you are feeling the depletion, excesses or blocks of your own subtle energy body. You might also be feeling the pain of others, including our planet. Trauma locks in anger, fear and grief, often binding us to patterns we would like to change. We can work together to release these locked habits safely. Learn how to use the living breath to strengthen your subtle energy body boundaries. We will practice calming our body and subtle energy bodies using methods such as gentle movement, hand-hold positions, and visualization.

Use movement, visualization and hand-hold positions to enhance your felt senses

In 1999, after my brain surgery, my mind and body were severely broken. Fears, shadows, pain, inability to speak clearly, read or write coherently, made me feel as if I had lost myself. After working for fifteen minutes at emails or technical reading, the pain was so blinding that I had to rest for three days. I felt useless and helpless. Painkillers temporarily blocked pain from the surgery and the flaring back and joint pain of my fibromyalgia. When they wore off, the pain was worse, no longer responding to medication.

As human beings, we have an innate healing potential that continually strives to help us. Sometimes it gets stuck, and needs help. My own pain from fibromyalgia, acquired brain injury and other accidents, is gone. Brain fog and joint stiffness have disappeared. My stamina has improved.

Let us use a three-step method together. First, we use the movement and fluidity of Tai Chi/Qigong. Next, we articulate our intentions deeply via our internal star system (axiatonal alignment). Lastly, we use Jin Shin Jyutsu hand-holds to promote further body-level and human energy field harmony and balance. Balance and harmonize at your own pace via frequency and duration of practice.

Our human energy field is like art. It reveals a little bit at a time, telling us what needs to be worked on next.

Let us build our kernel of hope for a better future, receive guidance to find the next step in completing today, and be thankful daily for our renewed self, where our bodies and minds work together differently, experiencing daily calm, joy and knowing.


My qualifications include:

  • Axiatonal alignment therapy (practitioner/teacher),
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu (authorized practitioner and self-help teacher),
  • Qigong (medical qigong practitioner, therapist, and master [MMQ]),
  • Reiki (practitioner, teacher/master), and
  • Therapeutic Touch.

My work is based upon systematic analysis of the levels of the human energy field using kinesthetic awareness. Learn more about it in my description of the human energy field vibration levels at Parsing the HEF and in my book the Bok Choy Children and the Golden Circle.

Methods, and benefits of our life force energy work

Charkra circle stained glassAs we work together to help you balance, harmonize and strengthen your human energy field, it is your system that chooses how much to change at a point in time. Adding movement, hand-hold positions and your conscious knowing and intention may strengthen your ability to move forward. Our systems naturally strive for wellness, but sometimes we need information or help to get us there. When working together:

  • You and your medical team are responsible for your wellness, and our work is not a replacement for traditional medical care.
  • I am a facilitator who helps you on your journey, providing life force energy flows (qi), techniques and tools. Your system chooses how to move towards greater joy, harmony, strength and balance.
  • Wellness is a holistic concept that encompasses our body, human energy field, and our relationships within ourselves, with others, with spirituality and with our planet.
  • When working with the human energy field and life force energies, self-assessment and intentions are powerful tools. Typical sessions include aspects of training so that you practice working with multiple vibration levels of your human energy field to help decide how to apply your intentions.
  • As described in my materials, Parsing the HEF (human energy field), the HEF consists of sets of definable vibration and flow systems with boundaries, purpose and inter-relationships with other HEF systems and the human body. Use knowing of your HEF patterns as an aid to choose how to harmonize, clear and balance your HEF.

Let us work together to reconnect our lost purposes to infinite joy, loving relationships and community. For more information or to book a distance appointment, contact me at sweethollowsinfo@gmail.com or call 705-229-4916.

Read more About Sweet Hollows Haven and About Danu Studies Inc.

Be well, practice qigong and practice joy.

Ingrid Splettstoesser, MMQ, PhD (Management Sciences)