About Ingrid Splettstoesser

My interesting life experiences have provided me with the skills to offer two branches of services, along with physical products:

  • Tax returns, and financial statement preparation (starting spring 2020),
  • Energy work (also called hands-on healing, although it is more likely to be hands-off healing, with hands held a few inches away from the physical form) both as private consultations or as training courses, and
  • Physical products: our books, natural clothing, stained glass art.Ingrid September 2018

It is a curious combination: information systems, accounting, life force energy work, art, knitting, sewing and weaving. How does it compute? It is a long story that started decades ago with back injuries, brain surgery and other injuries that led to my fibromyalgia syndrome and pain that would not go away. People and art helped to rescue me and get me back onto my feet pain free.

My art rescued my spirit

When I was still in public school, I loved art and sewing. But something squashed both there: attitudes of others and a teacher who gave me a C in a sewing course for using the wrong fabric. So in high school and university I turned to making a living, doing the mathematics, business, management science, engineering and technology degrees that helped to land my current full time job as a tenured faculty member.

In 1999, after my brain surgery, my mind and body were severely broken. Fears, shadows, pain, inability to speak clearly, read or write coherently,  made me feel as if I had lost myself. After working for fifteen minutes at emails or technical reading, the pain was so blinding that I had to rest for three days. I felt useless and helpless.

My first painting that year was with children’s poster paints, with vivid colours that coursed down the page and shouted “I am alive!” The next, a water colour, became a single tree split down the centre, leaning. That was how I felt, split and broken. But gradually that image showed that I had a life with dual strengths – my technical and my intuitive. I explored different media, working with oils, acrylics, nail polish, then stained glass. Along the way, I took courses at OCAD University and York University and a local stained glass store.

I fell in love with making stained glass pieces. Breaking glass, shaping it my way and having beautiful coloured light streaming around me was something I could do for hours at a time. I collected books on colour and light healing, discovering that gold light was supposed to be good for scar tissue, and rigged up a gold light that I used whenever I read or worked at the computer. I believe it contributed to my healing, as my headaches rapidly reduced in intensity.

Each of my pieces of art flowed from places deep within me, evolving as I worked on them. I usually do not see their meaning or their story until they are finished and I can sit back and look at them. The story deepens as I notice more in the recesses of the painting or stained glass piece. Our human energy field is like that: it reveals a little bit at a time, telling us what needs to be worked on next. One of my paintings is titled “Escape from Eden.” It is tumultuous, with a knowing eye crying, an angel belching terrible fire with howling winds. But the escape door is open and available, with the knowledge that we can and do have Eden here on our planet with us, and it is up to us to restore it.

My largest stained glass work is actually three pieces that sit in my office in my studio. The first is titled “Hope versus fear,” the second, “Finding the right path,” with the final piece of the set called “Thank-you for my life.” It expresses the path to the rescue back to myself— that I always hold a kernel of hope for a better future, receive guidance to find the next step in completing today, and that I am thankful for my new self, where my body and mind work together differently.

It took many years of assistance from others, training and searching, analysis and healing for me to reshape my life to now make some time to get back to my art. My favourite is stained glass, with a focus on talismans (shown here is a Unity talisman).

Unity talisman, stained glass

Life force energies, pain, and fabric fibres

If it were not for the pain, I would still be using synthetic threads and cotton fabrics. I was vividly reminded of that on September 7, 2017, when I attended a sewing class at George Brown College and used polyester thread for about an hour. During the class, my hands were tingling. After class the pain escalated to a burning sensation, increasing in intensity to a very high level. Thankfully, the pain ebbed and disappeared, but only after triggering a fibromyalgia relapse that lasted about three days.

My part-time studies in numerous holistic treatment methods were driven by my desire to live a pain-free life, and bring my fibromyalgia into remission. This has been accomplished, since my pain is gone. I am practicing yoga again and lifting weights without the characteristic after-pain of fibormyalgia.

Looking back, I am astonished at the surfacing of my cotton allergy in 2017. It and the effects of synthetic fibres in my clothing were the catalysts that drove me to start Sweet Hollows Designs.

I am thankful to the many practitioners and teachers who enabled me to deal with the consequences of my brain surgery and bring my fibromyalgia into remission. My work with life force energies and holistic treatment methods has led to my pursuing multiple theories and modalities including axiatonal alignment therapy, psychology, Brennan Healing Science, Jin Shin Jyutsu, qigong, Reiki, Taoist tai chi, Therapeutic Touch, and Wu style tai chi. These and my own findings with research clients have lead to my work that is based upon systematic analysis of the levels of the human energy field. Learn more about it in my course Parsing the HEF.

It is the depth and breadth of these studies that helped me to identify and deal with the numerous factors contributing to my fibrymyalgia syndrome, including my fabric allergies and sensitivities. When I could not find clothes “natural enough” (without synthetic facings, threads or buttons), I had to make them. The clothing and fabrics produced by Sweet Hollows Designs support the flow of life force energies close to our skin, which encourage life force energy flows under the skin and throughout our organs.

Practice philosophy for my life force energy work

Charkra circle stained glassWhen we work together to help you balance, harmonize and strengthen your human energy field, it is your system that chooses how much to change at a point in time. Our systems naturally strive for wellness, but sometimes we need information or help to get us there. When working with you:

  • I am a facilitator who helps you on your journey, providing life force energy flows (qi), techniques and tools, acting as a sounding board and planning assistant.
  • Wellness is a holistic concept that encompasses our body, human energy field, and our relationships within ourselves, with others, with spirituality and our planet.
  • Any facet of our lifestyle or environment could become a factor in a plan to work with the quality of our life or a wellness plan.
  • When working with the human energy field and life force energies, self-assessment and intentions are powerful tools, so typical sessions include aspects of training so that you practice working with multiple levels of your human energy field to help decide how to apply your intentions.
  • As described in our course, Parsing the HEF (human energy field), the HEF consists of sets of definable systems with boundaries, flows, purpose and inter-relationships with other HEF systems and the human body. Sometimes we get into dysfunctional patterns and need help to re-tune our HEF to improve our wellness. We look at HEF patterns as an aid to harmonize, clear and balance our lifestyle and our HEF.

For more information or to book a telephone appointment, contact me at info@sweethollows.ca or call 647-688-9795.

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