Reiki Classes (Usui/Tibetan)

Painting Mind over Matters

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Reiki is a Japanese word representing universal life energy. This life energy normally flows in the top of the head or other energy openings and moves throughout a person’s physical and non-physical systems with the intention of assisting the healing process.

I sense the Usui frequency of life force energy as coming through a cobalt blue tetrahedron, providing golden stars and lines of light to empower our heart centres to more fully flow. This is important since, with reference to the chakra system of knowledge, the heart chakra is the gateway between the upper (crown, forehead and throat) chakras and the lower (solar plexus, sacral and base) chakras.

Tibetan Reiki is thought to be the same frequency of life force energy used by historical religious figures, although this cannot be proven. I experience this form of Reiki as streaming through a golden-orange tetrahedron, which also provides golden stars and lines of light, working with our heart power centre (dantien) to function more effectively. The eastern view of the dantien system is that there are three dantiens: the brow, heart and navel, with the heart dantien being associated with the heart-mind.

Working with both the chakra system of knowledge and the dantien system of knowledge, and with the Reiki symbols, enables us to guide the flow of Reiki energy with our intentions to different levels of the human energy field.

Let Reiki clear your Energy Cobwebs

What is Reiki? How does it work? What happens when you give or receive a Reiki treatment?

These questions are easily answered from the perspective of life force energy. Yes, in our Reiki classes, we will learn the history and usage of Reiki energy, but how do we describe it in modern terms?

Painting about Reiki CobwebsLife force energy is a living bio-energy that has the properties of sound, light, and an electromagnetic force. It has intention. A plant has intention – to grow, grow, grow! We have intentions that may include: to fulfill our purposes, our destiny, to live and to be well. Reiki life force energy has several purposes and functions. These include:

  • assisting our healing intentions
  • helping us find the next step in our healing journey
  • clearing (or “cleaning”) our human energy fields.

Let’s look at each of these functions in turn.

Assisting our healing intentions:

Your intentions could be to become more balanced, to get rid of your migraine headaches, to get your cancer into remission, or like me, to get your fibromyalgia into remission. I first took Reiki in 2005, just before entering my second year at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I felt weak, and wanted to be stronger and clearer. I found a good therapist, and started an exercise routine. I was in and out of fibromyalgia attacks, had frequent bouts of exhaustion and headaches that were intense. Gradually, my strength improved. My headaches are rare now, my body is stronger, and my fibromyalgia in remission. There were several surprises along the way, such as my hairline expanding and nails getting stronger, my discovery of sensitivities and allergies to synthetic fibres and cotton. Each required a lifestyle shift.

What this means to your use of Reiki is that when you activate and use Reiki (either giving a treatment or receiving one), you need to think about your intentions for yourself and your client.

One of my intentions was to be balanced and whole (no leaking energy field, which seems to be one of the characteristics of fibromyalgia syndrome). In an image about Reiki that I received on November 6, 2018, I saw a figure that was made up entirely of red and blue balls. The figure was full, and there seemed to be an equal number of red and blue balls. To me, that meant that the figure was balanced. Plus, there were no leaks, which was great.

Helping us find the next step in our healing journey:

Reiki (and most other life force energy modalities such as Brennan Science and Therapeutic Touch) provide life force energy fuel to the client as the practitioner radiates or otherwise provides life force energy flowing through him or her of one or more specific frequencies. If you are a Reiki practitioner, then you provide one or more of the Reiki frequencies that you have been attuned to (or that you picked up).

Yet Reiki alone is not enough. You need to continue to see your medical practitioners, and be curious, like a young child. What do you need to change? What else do you need to explore? By sending Reiki around you, to your relationships and to your healing journey, often guidance and other practitioners or people will come your way to help you.

One at a time, I tried different modalities and practitioners, working with them until I thought we were done. If the modality seemed useful and I could fit it into my schedule, I took the course, often continuing until I had practitioner’s or teacher’s qualifications. Let Reiki be a force that helps to guide you and that you send to your relationships in your life and in your healing journey.

Clearing (cleaning) our human energy fields:

Reiki is like an energy comb: it will help untangle your energy field, and provide power, like a flow of water, to help move energy debris out of your system. Such a cleaning process can help to activate and nourish the healing potential of your body and your human energy fields.

Think about a glass full of clay and water. If you leave the clay in the bottom of the glass it will get hard, like a rock, and even when you pour the water out, the clay will stay stuck in the bottom of the glass. Gently add some water to the glass, and swish the glass about. Gradually, the clay will soften at the top and around the edges, and some of the clay will come out of the glass with the water that you pour out. Do this repeatedly, and the clay will come out of the glass. The clay might even fall out of the class in chunks and break into bits.

This means that as Reiki works with you, your healing journey will likely be gradual, or go in fits and starts as “chunks” of stuck or tangled life force energy in your human energy field clear, and your human energy field gradually moves in a more coherent, flowing manner.

How Ingrid Splettstoesser teaches Reiki

Reiki is taught using three Levels. In the first Level, the participant is attuned (introduced to and provided with the Reiki frequencies). Theory related to Reiki is provided, and methods of flow are practiced. In Level 2, we add specific purpose-based movements and symbols, while in the Teacher/Master Level (called shinpaden or mystery teaching by Mikao Usui), the symbols are further practiced, and the attunements taught and practiced. Participants will receive certificates of completion for Usui Reiki, stating that they have received the attunemements and practice of the Usui/Tibetan systems for the appropriate level.

Once per month, practice session time will be provided so that participants can practice Reiki. The time for these sessions will be discussed during the classes, and once dates have been confirmed, will be posted on our web site.

Summary course outlines for each of the Levels are shown below. Material is either covered in the session or in the Level manual.

Usui Reiki using the Usui/Tibetan systems: Level 1: Introduction (one day, 9 am start)

Reiki Symbol
  • History, definitions, benefits, nature of Reiki and universal energy and the clearing process, the nature of the attunements and giving of attunements
  • Ethics, quality control and intention while doing Reiki
  • Gasho meditation, a Japanese way of relaxing and centring
  • Nature of chakras, the seven main chakras, and how each can be affected by Reiki; sensing the chakra flows
  • The five Usui Reiki affirmations and how they can be used in our daily lives
  • Grounding
  • Practice of self-Reiki, giving and receiving seated and lying down Reiki
  • Practice in sensing the human energy field, the Reiki flows, discerning the difference between the flows of self and other
  • How to charge or discharge our life force energies
  • Creating balance in your life force energy systems as a personal process
  • Review of Canadian Reiki Association, how to become a member, and the nature of Level 2 and the teacher/master level courses

Usui Reiki using the Usui/Tibetan systems: Level 2: Practitioner (one day, 9 am start)

Flowing life force energy for Level 2 Reiki image
  • Opening and closing meditations
  • Review Level 1 concepts (ethics and intentionality, chakras, grounding, energy flows, clearing and supervsion/support for Reiki practitioners
  • Grounding and strengthening grounding
  • Attunements
  • Three Usui and two Tibetan Reiki symbols and their uses; practice drawing and using the symbols during a Reiki session.
  • Emotional/mental/habit treatments
  • Beaming versus radiating and practicing these two methods of moving Reiki energy; use during distance treatments
  • Discussion of the use of the symbols for manifesting goals, clearing objects
  • Scanning the human energy field and practice in scanning; terminology for discussing scan results
  • Nature of the three dantiens (brow, heart, navel) and how each can be affected by Reiki
  • Review of Reiki treatment session; discussion of use of symbols during a Reiki session
  • Universal balancing (giving and receiving)
  • About the teacher/master level, information about Canadian Reiki Association registration and practicum requirements, discussion of monthly practice sessions
  • About a holistic licence in the city of Toronto, and liability insurance for practitioners

Usui Reiki using the Usui/Tibetan systems: Teacher/Master Level: Self-empowerment (two days, 9 am start)

Stained glass heart
  • Daily opening and closing meditations and practice
  • Master level attunements (at the end of each day)
  • Review of Level 1 and 2 concepts (using Level 1 and 2 binders)
  • Practice grounding, and scanning the quality of grounding for self and other
  • Practice scanning the seven trunk chakras and three dantiens
  • Teacher/master symbols practice and use
  • Use of the violet breath and microcosmic orbit
  • Sensing colours, hot/cold, excess/depletion
  • Meditation as a tool for improving awareness
  • Practice and development of a personal harmonic symbol
  • Discussion and practice of life force energy regulation
  • Start and stop Reiki with and without a symbol, practice the following flow types: allow, demonstrate, place in field, pull, clear, push
  • Different types of attunements: healing, mental/emotional, temporary
  • Storing Reiki in crystals and other objects
  • Working on energy blocks using Reiki
  • Maintaining a client-centred focus, working towards the client’s highest good, methods of explaining Reiki, ethical requirements (review)
  • Sound Reiki business practices (review)
  • Reiki purification processes, impact on chakras, dantiens and the human energy field
  • Practice doing the following attunements: Level 1, Level 2, Teacher/Master
  • Provision of certificate, manuals, discussion of monthly practice

Moving to the Teacher/Master level of Reiki is a lifestyle decision, the decision of living with the daily flows and precepts of Reiki. It is a life of openness to your heart-mind, and a life of continuing learning about ourselves, the human energy field and of life force energies.


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