Policies and Procedures

Repair, rework, returns and refund policies

Our goal is to provide top quality merchandise and keep you happy by making sure that is what you receive.  However, should you require repair or rework, following are the general procedures that we follow.

Repairs and rework

If merchandise is defective, we will repair it at no cost.

For all repairs contact us at info@sweethollows.ca so that we can discuss how best to proceed.

Returns and refunds

Returns and refunds vary based upon product.

Specific product return policies are listed below:

Knitting yarn return policies: Yarns are returnable for a full refund as long as the packaging is complete and undamaged, i.e. the wrappers around the skeins or balls are undamaged and the skein or ball has not been opened.

Knitting needles, supplies, looms and loom parts: These are also returnable for a full refund as long as the packaging is complete and undamaged.

Woolen or Woolly Clothing Return and Repair Policies: Our clothing is custom built for you. We do not take returns on custom clothing. Please inspect your clothing carefully for defects before taking it with you. Should repairs be required please come to see us and we can discuss whether we can do a minor repair for you at no cost or whether it is a major repair that requires a charge.

Seminar or group session refund policies: Full refunds will be provided if the refund is requested at least two business days prior to the session. Later refunds may be possible, depending upon whether the payment was for a guest presenter or for an in-house seminar. Please contact us as soon as you know if you cannot attend a session that you have paid for.

Limitations and constraints

Seminars and session content: Seminars and presentations are for construction of fabric or garments, presentation of alternative life-style choices or for self-awareness, not for the healing of illnesses or medical conditions. Please consult your medical practitioner in the event of illness or medical condition, and continue to consult with such practitioners.

Information use: The information contained on this website is for information purposes only. The information is not to be used to treat allergies or sensitivities to fabrics or threads.  It is never advisable to self-treat: if you suspect an allergy or sensitivity to a product, consult a qualified medical practitioner.

Nature of fabrics and yarns: Although our suppliers tell us our fabrics and yarns are undyed, they will not guarantee it, so we cannot guarantee that the fabrics and yarns that we sell are undyed. We ask that you test for yourself which fabrics and yarns work for you by examining and touching them.

Quality of merchandise: Our merchandise is provided for personal use and wear. Clothing experiences normal wear and tear and we are not responsible for the degradation of fabrics or products due to improper handling or care. Consult our product pages for effectively taking care of your natural fabric and yarn items.

Privacy policy

We value your privacy and treat it with respect and care. Our accounting data is stored in Canada. Our web site host is Canadian, and has stated that all data is stored in Canada.

We use your data to create your order, collect payment and provide your products to you. We do not sell any data about you. If you have any concerns about how your data might be stored or used, please send us a query to info@sweethollows.ca.

When you email us for the first time, we will ask you what types of emails you would like to receive from us, and send you emails as you direct. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, send an email to info@sweethollows.ca telling us that you no longer wish to receive emails from us, and we will remove your email from our mailing list.