Policies and Procedures

Land Acknowledgement

Manitowaning beach 2022Sweet Hollows Haven recognizes that many Indigenous Nations have longstanding relationships with the territories upon which our building is located that precede the establishment of Manitowaning. Our community of Manitowaning, on Manitoulin Island is located in the traditional territory of Anishinaabek and Odawa peoples. Today, this meeting place is still the home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work, live and play on this land.

This territory is subject of Manitoulin Island Treaties 45 (1836) and 94 (1862).

Repair, rework, returns and refund policies

Our goal is to provide top quality services and merchandise and keep you happy by making sure that is what you receive.  However, should you require refunds, repair or rework, following are the general policies that we follow.

Repairs and rework

If merchandise is defective, we will repair it at no cost. Please inspect your merchandise prior to payment or pickup.

For all repairs contact us at sweethollowsinfo@gmail.com so that we can discuss how best to proceed.

Returns and refunds

Returns and refunds vary based upon product.

Specific product return policies are listed below:

Stained glass or art: Each piece is custom built. We do not take returns on art that you have picked up. Please inspect the artwork or stained glass carefully for defects before taking it with you. Should repairs be required please come to see us and we can discuss whether we can do a minor repair for you at no cost or whether it is a major repair that requires a charge. If the piece is in perfect condition and it really does not fit your needs, it can be exchanged for a piece of equal or greater value with payment for the difference.

Seminar, private or group session refund policies: Full refunds will be provided if the refund is requested at least two business days prior to the session. Later refunds may be possible, depending upon whether the payment was for a guest presenter or for an in-house session. Please contact us as soon as you know if you cannot attend a session that you have paid for.

Limitations and constraints

Seminars and session content: Seminars and presentations are for providing balance and harmony of the human energy field or for self-awareness, not for the healing of illnesses or medical conditions. Please consult your medical practitioner in the event of illness or medical conditions, and continue to consult with such practitioners.

Information use: The information contained on this website is for information purposes only. The information is not to be used to treat allergies, sensitivities to medical conditions.  It is never advisable to self-treat: if you suspect an allergy or sensitivity or a medical condition, consult a qualified medical practitioner.

Quality of merchandise: Our merchandise is provided for personal use and care. Art and stained glass needs to be carefully handled and we are not responsible for  damage due to improper handling or care. Stained glass products would normally be cleaned with a damp cloth (water only) and art would be dusted with a dry cloth.

Privacy policy

We value your privacy and treat it with respect and care. Our accounting data is stored in Canada. Our web site host is Canadian, and has stated that all data is stored in Canada.

We use your data to create your order, collect payment and provide your products to you. We do not sell any data about you. If you have any concerns about how your data might be stored or used, please send us a query to sweethollowsinfo@gmail.com.

When you email us for the first time, we will ask you what types of emails you would like to receive from us, and send you emails as you direct. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, send an email to sweethollowsinfo@gmail.com telling us that you no longer wish to receive emails from us, and we will remove your email from our mailing list.