Together, we revitalize, calm and harmonize from the inside out

Stuck in the blues? Breathe with our planet in Manitowaning, Ontario, Canada. Foster and nourish a deep well of happiness.

Stressed and wound up? Enhance your coping skills as we revitalize our bodies, mind and spirit with the flowing movements of chikung, adding story and fun.

Discouraged, in pain or exhausted? Boost the battery of your life with Jin Shin Jyutsu. Examine and build more coping skills as we spark and fill our inner smiles.

Plan a class, workshop or course at Sweet Hollows Haven, on Manitoulin Island. Contact Ingrid via email or by telephone (705-229-4916).

Balance, harmonize and clear from the inside out

  • nourish calmness

    Nourish calmness by re-establishing balnce with our planet, harmonizing your emotions and using your strength to be gentle with yourself.

  • Image of feeling pain

    Move from the blah world of pain or chronic exhaustion to the fullness of breathing with our planet.

  • Image of boiling anger

    Unwind your anger and frustration with the soothing hands of Jin Shin Jyutsu or the classic movements of chikung.

  • Image of shuddering with fear

    Stuck in fear or despair? Mobilize your strength by connecting with the harmonizing flows of our planet, and your inner light.

Come to Sweet Hollows Haven and

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Our Stuff

  • Parsing our HEF Course

    Empower your inner vision and kinesthetic skills by using ancient   qigong practices or axiatonal alignment. Use movement, visualization, meditation and other techniques to work on balancing, harmonizing and strengthening your human energy field (HEF) and thus your inner awareness.

  • Our Courses: Reiki (Usui/Tibetan system)

    Reiki is taught using three Levels. In the first Level, the participant is attuned (introduced to and provided with the Reiki frequencies). In Level 2, we add specific purpose-based movements and symbols, while in the Teacher/Master Level the symbols are further practiced, and the attunements taught and practiced. Reiki is both a system and a new way of living.

Opening Specials

Three private online sessions for the price of two.