Invite your emotions, mind and body to live together peacefully within you.

Harness the power of your harmonized human energy field for inner peace and balance to enable compassion. Add more joy to your relationships with others and our planet as you integrate electromagnetic and other human energy field flows into your awareness.

Thank-you for being here now. Check out our Parsing the HEF course to learn more.

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Fantasy is another portal to “seeing” the things we do not understand. Ingrid and her husband, Jake, have written novels that explore the connections between reality and perception and may help to bridge the gap between understanding and intuition. They had fun writing them; we hope you enjoy reading them. You can buy them from Amazon.

Balance your HEF (known as aura or human energy field)

Moving towards the deep knowing within us, and to calmness and joy can be a circuitous journey. When our owner, Ingrid, has been irritated, angry, sad or upset, she has found that it was because she was depleted or ungrounded, her body and HEF literally hungry for life force energy (also known as qi). Feeling empty or depleted can be frightening. A deep, primal anger seems to emerge from our bodies when its life force energy is depleted. Our bodies and HEF need life force energy, but may have trouble processing it.

Ingrid can work with you in private sessions to balance and harmonize your HEF. Our body affects our HEF, and vice versa, since they are interpenetrated. Working with our bodies and our HEF alongside our other wellness practitioners facilitates an integrated and holistic approach to anger management, pain management, wellness and lifestyle choices. Learning how to self-assess your human energy field in our courses could provide helpful information to increase the options available to you.

To find out more about our courses, products or services contact Ingrid via email or by telephone (705-229-4916). Hours are by appointment. DISTANCE ONLY DUE TO  COVID-19.

Contact us to talk about our products if you

  • clothing

    Have a fabric sensitivity to synthetics, remanufactured or dyed clothing

  • 100% cotton free

    Are allergic to cotton, synthetics or their dyes

  • bedding

    Want to choose sustainable, hemp canvas or wool-based clothing

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Our Stuff

  • Parsing our HEF Course

    Empower your inner vision and kinesthetic skills by using ancient   qigong practices or axiatonal alignment. Use movement, visualization, meditation and other techniques to work on balancing, harmonizing and strengthening your human energy field (HEF) and thus your inner awareness.

  • Our Stuff: Wool clothing

    We feature garments made of organic merino wool interlock, super-merino worsted wool, wool-cashmere blends and hemp canvas.


  • Our Stuff: Knitting yarns

    Do you love to knit with natural yarns like I do? We have slender, tough, cuddly and thick yarns for you to choose from. If you need help, we will toss in a free knitting lesson.


  • Our Courses: Reiki (Usui/Tibetan system)

    Reiki is taught using three Levels. In the first Level, the participant is attuned (introduced to and provided with the Reiki frequencies). In Level 2, we add specific purpose-based movements and symbols, while in the Teacher/Master Level the symbols are further practiced, and the attunements taught and practiced. Reiki is both a system and a new way of living.


Opening Specials

Receive free Estelle knitting needles with the purchase of knitting yarn over $100