Parsing our HEF: Discover your buried treasure

To book a meeting to talk about this course and evaluate whether it could meet your needs, contact Ingrid at or 705-229-4916.

Unparsed human energy fieldWhat buried treasures are missing in your life? Self-acceptance, hope, calmness, the strength to be gentle? Use new self-awareness to build self-esteem as you learn to feel, harmonize and balance more of yourself using your human energy field.

Our subtle body or HEF (Human Energy Field) consists of our life force energy that is both inside and outside of our body. We could think of it as being part of our subconscious or supra-conscious systems. With practice, we can sense, observe, and document what is happening within our HEF (and our bodies).

Each of the units of this course is available as private instruction to tailor it to your goals. (at Sweet Hollows Haven in Manitowaning starting Spring 2023.)

Unit 1: Treasure goals and plan

Open heart stained glass

Where, oh where has my little heart gone,

Where, oh where can it be?

With its hope so bright and its joy so keen,

Where, oh where can it be?

This journey of exploration begins with your goals and your state of being. How can I help you to harmonize, balance and nurture your human energy field and thus your whole being?

This first unit is an in-person unit. After the first unit you may choose to take the rest of the Units in person or via distance methods (telephone and email).

Unit 2: Breathe with our planet

Powerful living breath

Connect to the sweetness and strength of the living, loving breath of our planet. Practice being the gateway between heaven and earth as you draw in the green power of our planet and the golden light of our sun. Add your own brilliant white star to spark and nourish a living breath relationship with our world.

Feel how being full of the living breath brings calmness.

Practice using this breath to balance your HEF flows, fill its boundaries and add strength. Discover methods to trouble-shoot deficiency or excess as we work.

Unit 3: Sing your core star song

Akashic records meditation

Our core star (also known as the seat of our soul) is a golden HEF star that glows from the centre of our spine just below our diaphragm. It has a flowing centre, similar to that of our sun, and lines of light that shoot from it throughout our body and HEF.

With the song of our core star, we claim the right to be ourselves more fully. This deepest level of light within our spine vibrates with our soul song, coursing through to every system and cell of our bodies and HEF.

What false assumptions are preventing you from shining fully?

Address conflict energy from the past that is clouding your star. Practice shining the vibrations of your song into every organ, system and cell of your being.


Unit 4: Balance your spinal flows

Main vertical power current full image

Our spine contains the life force energy that is a source of our electro-magnetic strength. Together with the flows of our and arms and legs, these flows help to transform and activate our decisions into action.

Harmonize, nourish and balance your hands, feet and spine with the goals of your true self that shine in your core star song.

Re-connect to the here and now of place, time and purpose. Find the treasures within that will enable you to feel safe in your body, so that you can more fully connect to the fuel offered by our planet and sun.

Unit 5: Stabilize your inner star system

Partial axiatonal star system

At the centre of every joint, organ, cell, and system is a star that is harmonized with your core star. System stars are directly connected via a line of light to the core star and harmonized with it. Systems that have multiple components (such as two shoulder bones) also have a line of light connecting the two shoulder stars. Each system’s central star casts lines of light to the smaller stars within it, such as the stars of cells. Ideally, all stars are harmonized to the core star.

The vine-like tendrils of the current system from our spine and nervous system flow through the pulsing centres of our inner stars, which assists in the generation of electro-magnetic currents. The power current system nourishes our bone marrow and via bone marrow and the fats in our bodies, connects to our central nervous system and our nerves.

We will practice tuning into these different systems, and practice ways to clear, balance, and nourish them.

Unit 6: Balance your four central power centres (dantians)

fully functioining lower dantian flowing golden bubbles

In our head, at our throat, beside our heart and below our navel are the turbines that move life force energy throughout our bodies so that they are accessible to the next levels, our organs and their energy channels. Fully functioning dantians each send their type of life force energy to the whole body and entire HEF to the edges of our HEF, holding and strengthening our boundaries.

We will work with each of these power centres, tuning into their states, and develop a plan for improving their functioning.

Unit 7: Align the polarity of your trunk chakras

chakra polarity table

Your seven trunk chakras are anchored in your spine and provide flow and nourishment to your organs, your body and your human energy field, They are alternatively anchored in the upward and downward flows of the earth and spiritual flows. For a male, the top (and bottom) chakras are anchored in the downward spiritual flows while for a female they are anchored in the upward planetary flows.

We start by testing which flows your chakras are anchored in, then self-assess in detail those that appear to be anchored in the wrong direction. Reasons for wrong direction anchoring include past injuries, muscle tightness, or blocks around the chakras preventing their free movement. We work together to develop a plan for improved alignment and flow.

Unit 8. Nourish bone joint chakras

bone joint chakra field left hand back

Every bone joint in our body has a chakra, which nourishes our bones, tendons, muscles and blood. Together with the root trunk chakra, they create a field that extends up to about the distance of our elbows and knees from our trunk and out past our arms and legs. This bone joint chakra field is one of the ways that our HEF collects sunlight for the head (brow) power centre to do its nightly cleansing process.

We will work to balance, harmonize and nourish your bone joint chakras.

What treasures did you discover? We will track them as we work through these units, and adjust our plans to align with your goals.