Parsing our HEF (human energy field)

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Unparsed human energy fieldOur HEF (Human Energy Field) consists of our life force energy that is both inside and outside of our body. We could think of it as being part of our subconscious or supra-conscious systems. With practice, we can sense, observe, and document what is happening within our HEF (and our bodies).

Are you feeling over-tired, stuck, pulled-apart, angry, confused or dispirited? Perhaps some new ways of looking at yourself are called for. When we find out more about ourselves and how we are reacting, it can open the door to more choices in our decision-making or wellness planning. Private, tailored instruction can help to clear your focus. Consider taking Parsing the HEF for practical, specific experience in working with the symbols, levels and systems of your HEF.

The first Unit is an in-person Unit. After the first Unit, the course can be taken as a distance version (via telephone and email) or in person.

The goals of the Parsing the HEF course are to:

  • Provide techniques (movement, visualization, meditation, attunement and entrainment) to self-assess and work with your HEF;
  • Explore what your HEF and body need to feel safe;
  • Practice discerning the difference between your own and other life force energy systems;
  • Activate flow in your HEF to encourage strength, harmony, gentleness and balance;
  • Practice grounding, rooting, clearing and boundary development;
  • Activate and strengthen your life-force energy defence systems, and
  • Learn more about your HEF as a personal tool for lifestyle balance, wellness planning, anger management and pain management.

Principles underlying the Parsing the HEF course:

  • This is about how you and your HEF are right now;
  • To adjust or change a pattern or assumption, we need to be aware of it. We do not need to know “why” it is so. Working with our HEF provides sets of awareness tools;
  • Information provided by our HEF may be either symbolic or literal. Corroboration and reflection are required before taking action;
  • Changes made in our HEF may or may not result in changes in thinking, behaviour or in our physical body. If changes occur, they could be slow, fast, immediate, long term, or anywhere in between;
  • There is usually more than one way to accomplish a wellness or lifestyle change or to relieve pain. Our HEF provides more options;
  • Our changes are facilitated by self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance while being in a safe environment;
  • Our positive intentions are vehicles for promoting change.

Each unit of this course is two hours long and is available as private instruction to tailor it to your goals.

Each unit includes:

  • Two hours of private instruction, plus updated HEF documentation, feedback and balancing or harmonizing work relevant to the session and your HEF.
  • An assessment of your HEF for the systems being studied.
  • Review of relevant topics and techniques from previous units.
  • Written instruction or resources for the techniques studied.
  • Techniques (such as visualization, movement, attunement) to facilitate harmony, balance, grounding, rooting, flow, or boundary management.
  • Practice tuning, balancing and clearing the HEF systems being studied.
  • Suggestions to address lifestyle, wellness planning or pain management.

Unit 1: Attunement and initial documentation

Open heart stained glass

Our human energy field can and does change rapidly, in response to where we are and who we are with. That is one of the reasons why Ingrid believes it is important to have feelings about and other types of awareness of what our HEF is doing so that we can consciously decide how to respond to people and events.

This first unit is an in-person unit. After the first unit you may choose to take the rest of the Units in person or via distance methods (telephone and email).

Since the type of fabrics you are wearing affect how your HEF flows, the course sessions are conducted while you are wearing natural clothing made from one or more of: wool, hemp canvas, cashmere or silk, sewn with silk thread. An outfit is included with your course fees, so prior to Unit 1 you select your clothing.

Then, we work through the frequencies (vibrations) of the types of life force energy covered in this course, so that your system is aware of (attuned to) them:

  • spiritual
  • planetary
  • universal (zero-point field or wuji)
  • living air and
  • living carbon dioxide.

We practice loosening the HEF using universal life force energy. We use the living breath to facilitate loosening, flow and boundaries of the HEF.

In the context of your articulated goals, we move through (attune) and document the nature of your HEF for:

  • Unit 2: Spiritual chakra, planetary chakra, incarnation envelope, flower-of-life skin field;
  • Unit 3: Core star, personal akashic records portal, personal earthly grid and planetary wisdom seed, high heart axiatonal star, personal HEF holograph, internal living water;
  • Unit 4: Main vertical power current (spine/head, arms, legs), hands and feet gatekeepers, power current flows through to the central nervous system, seven trunk chakra gates, three main power centre gates (dantians: nose, chest, abdominal)
  • Unit 5: Axiatonal system levels (diamond, fluid-image, lines of light, akashic flows);
  • Unit 6: Three main power centres (dantians: behind the nose, in upper chest, abdominal), nourishing human grid;
  • Unit 7: Seven trunk chakras; and
  • Unit 8: Bone joint chakras.

Unit 2: Spark the living breath

Powerful living breath

Explore the safety needs of your body and HEF in the here and now. Be with the infinite nothing and spark your connection to living air. After connecting to our planetary and spiritual chakras, we will practice doing the living breath, the qi-level portion of our breathing requirements, which nourishes and cleanses our whole body. It adds strength and resiliency to the human energy field, and possibly facilitates the absorption of oxygen and the discharge of carbon dioxide by our cells.

After mastering the living breath, we will tune into the infinite everything and nothing (called Wuji in traditional Chinese medicine). We will focus on both our lungs and on the flower-of-life skin HEF fields. Finally, we will assess your external incarnation boundary and practice filling our body and HEF to that boundary with the living breath.

Two Living Breath Stories

Moving less breath

The quality and extent of our living breath seems to be related to stamina issues. Two examples show this vividly. In the first diagram (from 2015, shown beside the Unit 2 description), we see that the living breath pump centred at the lungs is about three times the physical width of the human body. The HEF circle is full of the living breath, as is the physical body. Power currents up and down through the body (discussed in Unit 4) are even. This person (whom we shall call Bria) “goes” all day, working at the computer, doing chores, exercising and more. As long as she is full with the living breath, she can keep going.

However, she had numerous environmental allergies and sensitivities. Exposure to these for any length of time caused exhaustion and depletion, since the quantity of her living breath plummeted. This could be because she was holding too much of her vertical power current (discussed in Unit 4) outside of her physical body.

In the second image, Calvin (not his real name) had a good flow of living air coming into his body at the base of his skull. His living breath pump sent the living breath throughout his physical body. There was no living breath on the outside of his skin or further out in his HEF. Calvin does not have any allergies or environmental sensitivities.

During the initial assessment of the fullness of Calvin’s living air, it was found that he was 70% full of living breath except for his hands (at 40%) and his head (upper dantian, covered in Unit 6), which was at 10%.

Practicing grounding and flow increased his hands to 70%, matching the rest of his body, but did not improve the flow in his head. Further self-assessment revealed a block in the downward flow of Calvin’s main vertical power current. Calvin tuned into this, and his dowsing showed that the block had been there his whole life. Together, we cleared his block, and the next day, Calvin tested his living breath and found that he was at 100% capacity except for his upper dantian in his head, which was still at 10%. Further dowsing led him to believe that this had been the case for his entire lifetime.

In about 2010, Calvin started getting serious headaches from bending over, sneezing, coughing, or heavy lifting. An MRI revealed that on one side of his brain, there was an abnormality in one of the lobes. The specialist had commented that “if this were on both sides, you would have had cerebral palsy.” Instead, Calvin has a small “gas tank” at his upper dantian.

In the last four years, Calvin has learned to ground and root his HEF, and to regulate it. His headaches are gone, and there are a few things that he does to keep his living air “gas tanks” full, based on trial and error and self-testing. Calvin rotates his tasks, spending no more than an hour at a time on head-intensive (reading or writing) or physical intensive (chores or renovation work) tasks. Computer time is handled in 20-minute intervals, as he has found this depletes him rapidly. Stretching briefly and a few deep yawns gives him another 20 minutes.

What is an “optimum” quantity level of living air? It seems that this varies by individual. It also appears that we can use levels of the living air throughout our system to help us identify actions that we can take to improve the quality of our life.

Cancer: the terror of qi rejection

chi breath fight

Louise L. Hay, in her book “Heal your body A – Z” uses many words to describe the possible mental causes of cancer, concluding with carrying hatreds, presumably including self-hatred. How could an infant, a young child, a pregnant woman and an experienced elder — a cross-section of cancer victims — all be carrying this terrifying emotional pattern? The deep hurt of hatred comes at us in many ways: from living in a war-torn country (or having a family member that was there) to the smaller, yet equally deep wounds of sibling rivalry. We pick up and create our patterns by copying those around us. My parents, who were in World War II held it, as did I, having precancerous cells in my uterus three times, the last one, thankfully, over twenty years ago. The hatred of others leads to patterns of rejecting the self, which shows up in the human energy field as life force energy staying outside the body rather than flowing harmoniously inside of it.

A first step in working with cancer (or any life force energy dysfunction) is to practice compassion towards ourselves, tuning into the spiritual and planetary love that is always there for us. With the power of the infinite nothing (wuji) we can gently examine ourselves to find out what we need to do to feel safer in our bodies and HEF, so that we can start accepting the living breath along with planetary and spiritual love as fuel for our bodies to further activate our healing potential.

People whom I have recently been with who were diagnosed with, and have cancer, all were subconsciously rejecting life force energy at the body level. Does this indicate that everyone with cancer has this pattern? Further study is required to determine whether that is true.

If so, research would be needed to examine how rapidly the HEF pattern can be changed towards wellness for those diagnosed with cancer and the effect of such changes upon the course of the illness and upon overall health. It is also possible that not all persons with this pattern have cancer, since there are other influencing factors, such as lifestyle, diet, and exposure to environmental toxins. In that case, part of the research would be to track some of these factors and their impact upon wellness, and whether those with such patterns will eventually develop cancer (which would need to be tested for and diagnosed by a medical practitioner).

The blue bolts in this image represent blocks in the HEF (human energy field). One at the base of the neck is preventing the living breath from entering the person’s neck base, so there is no living breath in or around the physical form. The exhale function of breathing is sending out shards of congested life force debris as part of its job of removing carbon dioxide. The main vertical power current (discussed in Unit 4) is out of place, with no planetary life force (the red line) entering the body. Spiritual flows (the brown/gold line) are also out of place. The Akashic records portal (Unit 3) is unavailable.

Persons with such patterns can focus on claiming the right to more fully be themselves. It can be difficult for anyone to realize that past terrors are over and gone, and to find out what will make now a safe place. For children, the entire family pattern could be looked at.

In addition to addressing safety, work with the living breath to nourish and clear can begin to establish pathways in the body for the main vertical power current (and other types of life force energy) to enter and flow. With compassion we can allow spiritual, earthly and akashic life force energies to flow around us, exploring the ways that we can re-establish their flows through our spine, arms and legs.

Unit 3: Sing your core star, retrieve Akashic records data

Akashic records meditation

Sing your core star song and update your body’s HEF holograph using your Akashic records portal. Our core star (also known as the seat of our soul) is a golden HEF star that glows from the centre of our spine just below our diaphragm. It has a flowing centre, similar to that of our sun, and lines of light that shoot from it throughout our body and HEF. It is able to shine both complex images and straight-line frequencies throughout our systems. It carries the energetic imprint of who we are in this incarnation and is a source of life force energies.

With the song of our core star, we claim the right to be ourselves more fully. This deepest level of light within our spine and main vertical power current system (covered in Units 4 and 5) vibrates with our soul song, coursing through to every system and cell of our bodies and HEF. That way, all of that which defines us is known to our entire incarnation. The straight line beams of the core star inform the axiatonal system (Unit 5) that tell each subsystem of its role within the whole.

Twisted hand in hand with the lights of our core star song is a spirally wisdom: a line of light that runs upwards and downwards through the core star. Upwards, it connects to a platter-like swirling portal an arms-length above our head that connects us to the database of the universe, the Akashic records. We use the data in our own personal Akashic records “database” to inform our decision making and to hold the decisions we have made, such as what our body would look like and what wellness means to us. The Akashic records are updated based upon changes in the world, in the environment, and in the universe. Downwards, the spiral connects to the Akashic records of our planet, which includes our physical ancestry.

We will practice tuning into our core star, cleansing our core star and broadcasting (singing) our core star song. Then, we use techniques to assess the state of our Akashic records portal, and undertake work to rebalance and realign it, if necessary. Once balanced and aligned, we practice accessing our Akashic records portal to retrieve updated information about our body and our incarnation’s HEF holograph.

Placing our Akashic records portal

Akashic winds

The image beside the Unit 4 description illustrates someone meditating deeply with a connection to both their Akashic records portal and their planetary chakra. This person is shining brightly from her abdominal power centre (lower dantian, discussed in Unit 6), as planetary life force flows into her physical body. She is also guided by the information and accumulated knowledge stored in her personal Akashic records database, which connects to the Akashic records of the universe. When faced with a problem, a fully functioning Akashic records portal automatically starts searching for possible answers, which are made available via dreams or other forms of knowing.

The optimal location for the personal Akashic records portal seems to be at arms-length above our head, near the edge of our incarnation envelope (the outer edge of our HEF that holds this physical existence). The figure here shows an enlarged Akashic records portal that has been pulled low, over the trunk. It is working rapidly and intensely, as can happen during a state of panic or crisis. However, the portal is not connected to either spiritual or planetary flows.

Although rapid decisions are enabled, this person’s sense of timing may be inaccurate, with difficulty in establishing priorities and selecting practical solutions to problems. Many issues may be considered as urgent or life-threatening. Try rocking gently on your feet, flexing your toes and massaging your heels, when you feel a deep sense of urgency that seems to be out of place.

The sad constraints of shattered dreams

Shattered dreams Akashic records

Abandonment can shatter dreams. Whether your parents have divorced, a partner has left you, or a death in the family has left a hole, your relationships may have lost their sparkle. You could also have lost that promotion you were expecting, or have a difficult boss imposed on you. All of a sudden, your choices appear to have disappeared and you are left in a sad mental box.

As part of the grief or shock process, the personal Akashic records portal has been ripped into pieces, and slid down to your feet, tangled in life force energy blocks. Yet the personal core star (seat of the soul) remains available, and spiritual supportive life force is flowing around the head, trying to help the decision-making process.

Remember that when you are down, the power of life force energy is still available to you. Take the time to talk to others that can comfort you and help you with your grief and shock. Then use spiritual and planetary life force energies to cleanse your Akashic records portal and put it back into place. Put on your favourite music, bouncing into wuiji (the infinite nothing) as you lift your Akashic records portal back up, ready for action.

Unit 4: Examine the spiritual and planetary flows of our main vertical power current, then stabilize its movement

Main vertical power current full image

Our main vertical power current contains the entwined core star and Akashic records flow at its centre. A spiral flows around them upwards from the earth, and downwards from our spiritual (or supra-soul) source comes another spiral. The friction and movement of these flows, together with the movement of our body, help to maintain our electro-magnetic systems. At our armpits and at our hip joints are two axes that hold flows to and from the spine so that they continue up and down our arms and legs. Multiple axes in the head nourish our senses and our brain. As these flows run through our bodies, they spread, vine-like, nourishing all our organs and cells, creating a power current system. If we receive more than enough to nourish our bodies, we add our own frequencies, and send the excess through, like a thank-you, to the earth and to our spiritual source(s).

First, we will practice tuning in to the levels of the main vertical power current, then document the nature of the flows up and down your spine, arms and legs. Tools for re-establishing or aligning these flows include grounding and meditation. Self-massaging (or receiving massage or acupressure) at the top of the head, the heels/feet, the hands and at low-ebb points can also improve flow, as can specific movement exercises which we will practice.

Rooting and grounding our main vertical power current

Main vertical power current with immune deficiency

Strong grounding and rooting are part of the main vertical power current system, as shown by the image beside the Unit 4 description. The red (Akashic records) and gold (spiritual) flows enter at the top of the head, pouring down through our spine, arms and legs. Once we are full, we can send the excess to our planet as a thank-you. This downward flow is called the grounding process. We can also point the palms of our hands (or the soles of our feet as in a headstand) upwards, and receive spiritual and Akashic flows via our hands and feet. The centre of the flow originates at our core star, just below our diaphragm.

Rooting to our planetary source via our planetary chakra at our hands, feet and the base of spine enables us to receive planetary life force energy.

Our hands, the top of our head and the base of our spine are the major gatekeepers that balance the quantity and nature of the life force energy flows that we receive and give which help to provide us with balance, harmony and strength. At our joints (large and small) these flows branch off throughout our body to nourish us, monitored by the axiatonal system (discussed in Unit 5). It seems that our life force energy gates are controlled by axiatonal stars (Unit 5) or the core star itself (Unit 3) via axiatonal lines and the star pulsations.

The image here is of a person with many HEF gates blocked (fully or partially) or stuck shut. This type of pattern is common, affecting one or more of our gates. It could be a shoulder or knee gate, resulting in local pain, or both shoulders, or more pervasive, as shown here. With many blocked gates, a person could be less likely to feel emotion or to effectively manage their emotional reactions.

The person in this image has a strong planetary connection but is not receiving any planetary life force energy within the physical body – the HEF flow is primarily outside the physical form, floating within the outer HEF. He or she likely has serious immune-related symptoms such as fibromyalgia, alopecia, or an under-functioning thyroid. There could be bouts of tiredness or extreme exhaustion, with inability to sleep.

Breathing may be shallow, or there may be a tendency to hold the breath. Like other serious HEF dysfunctions there is no living breath inside the body or HEF. Here, a grey ash-like HEF cloud hangs around the torso area since the exhaled life force of the breath is literally burnt, yet the person may feel too much heat or too much cold or alternate between the two in different regions of the body. A reduction of HEF flow in the abdominal area could result in digestive issues.

Someone with these HEF characteristics could first find a comfortable, private, safe place. Do breath-work and become aware of your breathing patterns, using your breath to direct life force energy throughout your limbs. Once the feeling of life force energy moving throughout the limbs and bones is established, then consider work on your core star and main vertical power current flows.

To aid digestion and gently practice connection with your core star, move your hands clockwise in a circle over your diaphragm and abdominal area.

The georgeous burnout

Main vertical power current burnout

This HEF pattern looks beautiful and strong, which it is. But sadly, the over-full flows are difficult to absorb and are being pushed out of the body at major joints (shoulders, hands or knees) without being grounded or rooted. This person is giving the flows to others, and is likely passionate and committed to work and to helping others. The core star (Unit 3) is locked open, while the Akashic records flow (also Unit 3) is disrupted.

Someone using this pattern is capable of working for long periods of time (at late hours). Burnout warning signals include tension or pain in joints or muscles, with possible headache. Once burned-out (depleted physically and in the HEF), long periods of rest and recovery may be needed to restore physical and HEF systems.

How can others help you for a change? Think about how you can reach out during your time of rest and recovery. Then do breathwork focusing on inhaling for yourself, movement and re-balancing of axiatonal gates and redirecting the main vertical power current flows for grounding and rooting more fully.

Unit 5: Assess and stabilize your axiatonal system and its linkages

Partial axiatonal star system

At the centre of every joint, organ, cell, and system is a star that is harmonized with your core star, which is called an axiatonal star. System axiatonal stars are directly connected via a line of light to the core star and harmonized with it. Systems that have multiple components (such as two shoulder bones) also have an axiatonal line connecting the two shoulder axiatonal stars. Each system’s central axiatonal star casts lines of light to the smaller stars within it, such as the axiatonal stars of cells. Ideally, all stars are harmonized to the core star. Lines of light can become disconnected (for example, if you have a fall or break a bone), and may become reconnected naturally, or require assistance to reconnect.

The vine-like tendrils of the power current system flow through the pulsing centres of the axiatonal stars, which assists in the generation of electro-magnetic currents. The power current system nourishes our bone marrow and via bone marrow and the fats in our bodies, connects to our central nervous system and our nerves.

We will practice tuning into these different systems, evaluating their quality, and discuss and practice ways to move, nourish and strengthen them.

Forced obedience: loss of self

Sturdy and full of vitality, the image beside this unit description shows a person’s core star and axiatonal stars shining into and outside of the physical body, monitoring and guiding physical and HEF stability, purpose and movement. Lines between eyes, elbows, shoulders (and other systems not shown) are anchored and singing the core star song.

The image here is based on three girls who had something that they loved banished out of their lives. A five-year-old was so badly spanked for missing a piano lesson that she bruised, never touching a piano again. An over-controlled six-year-old was given a recorder at the beginning of the school year. She mastered it and joyfully spoke music from it until the end of June, when it was taken away. In shock, she buried the memory deep, hiding her pain. A thirteen-year-old gymnast, her wall full of medals, was told to stop practicing and focus on her business studies so that she could earn a living. These girls were in places where they had no choice.

They forced their vision away from their joy, breaking the axiatonal connections at their eyes, and pushed their arms and legs to move to the command of others, shattering those axiatonal connections too, ripping apart the flows of their main vertical power current. As adults, they lived lives in demanding jobs or careers, focusing on the needs of others.

Do you feel that you do not know yourself or what you want from your life? Perhaps you broke your axiatonal systems early in life when you had no choice.

Now you are an adult and you can choose how to spend your time. The pain in these three girls was so deep and buried that it was likely an example of primal pain, a term coined by Arthur Janov for early, deep pain that is buried because it cannot be expressed.

To help find yourself, we start by you shining your core star and singing its song (Unit 3) for your whole body and HEF to hear.

Torture and abuse: literal and symbolic in the HEF

Axiatonal system with trauma

This image is a composite of the HEF of two women who were abused and tortured as young children, each witnessing the murder of other children. They lived in different parts of the world.

Both felt guilty that they were alive, and had been threatened with death if they spoke about their experiences. A symbolic chain around their throat constricted their voices. They felt that the world was a dangerous place, and that either they or their loved ones could be killed at any moment. They had both been tied hand and foot, and held symbols of that around their wrists and ankles.

The symbols in their field were discernible at the core star and axiatonal level frequencies.

The eye axiatonal stars were facing forward with very specific tasks in mind, since “there was no past.” Both of them had very limited memories of the past that surfaced in visual flashes, or nightmares, or during life force energy work or therapy. One had totally repressed the memories until her 40s. One never told her family, and the other’s father was arrested.

We can see that the star systems and main vertical power current systems were severely disrupted and that clouds of pain encircled the lower trunk and upper thighs. Their bodies were not a safe place to be themselves.

Over a period of many years, they found their way to becoming themselves, reclaiming safety and joy in their lives.

Unit 6: Align and nourish your three trunk power centres (dantians)

fully functioining lower dantian flowing golden bubbles

The three dantians are powerful systems in our body, each with multiple functions. The lower dantian (called the enteric mind), for example, helps to manage the flow of life force energy throughout our body. The middle dantian (called the heart-mind or high heart) has functions that include flowing decisions throughout our body including emotional management. The upper dantian (called the reasoning mind) is associated with the brain.

In addition to all of their other functions, the dantians maintain nourishing and cleansing flows among them. The nourishing flow is an upward and outward flow whereby the lower dantian sends to the middle which sends to the upper, occurring during the day. Fully functioning dantians each send their type of life force energy to the whole body and entire HEF to the edges of the incarnation envelope.

At night after we go to sleep, the upper dantian collects sunlight that was accumulated in the body during the day, turning it on like a beacon to draw non-harmonious or heavier energies, then absorbs them, almost like a chewing process. I was most amazed to watch long lines of blocks and tangles be pulled up as my upper dantian came to full strength, doing its job of clearing my mind, body and HEF, breaking the tangled energies down into finer flows which was then poured downwards inside me like a golden mesh to nourish my middle and lower dantians for the next day.

This illustrates two theories of traditional Chinese medicine about the dantians: first that life force energy flows both upwards and downwards among the dantians and second, that the protective (HEF) fields come into the body during sleep (at night).

We will work with each of these dantians, tuning into their states, and develop a plan for improving their functioning, daytime and night time.

Panic causes dantian overdrive

three dantians in panic mode

Golden bubbles of all sizes float from a fully functioning lower dantian, nourishing the body and HEF. This dantian is an edge-keeper, since the bubbles help organs and systems maintain their life force energy edges and help power the pulsation of the axiational stars (Unit 5) that open and close our life force energy gates. An image of a fully functioning lower dantian is shown beside the Unit 6 description.

The image here shows someone with partially functioning dantians in “alert” mode, ready for fight, flight or freeze. All three dantians are being blocked by right-sided HEF congestion that is limiting their movement. There is only a small amount of golden lower dantian light available, being used by the high heart (middle dantian) for decision making, which is visible at the upper left edges of its flows.

To help calm panicked or stressed dantians, start with a short walk outdoors in a quiet place with bushes and trees. Next, you could focus on any of the topics covered in our previous units (such as the living breath or grounding), since they all nourish and support the dantians.

Depleted dantians get protected

depleted dantians from elderly man

This senior male (as of early 2016) was ungrounded, not rooted, and had displaced flows of the main vertical power current. His three dantians had limited amounts of flow. Bob (not his real name) had difficulty breathing (he was not connected to the living breath) and could walk only slowly. The life force energy of his HEF was held primarily behind him and he would fall asleep easily when depleted, even while engaged in conversation.

Bob’s dantians are now fully functional, and he is happily walking brislky (running is still too tiring) and only requires a rest after several hours of activity.

If you are feeling physically depleted, check with your physician for possible causes, and evaluate other areas of your life: diet, stress, and exercise, for example. If you are still feeling depleted, consider learning how to evaluate your dantians and bring your supporting HEF subsystems into balance, harmony and alignment.

Unit 7: Test the polarity of your trunk chakras and develop a plan for improved flow

chakra polarity table

Your seven trunk chakras are anchored in your spine and provide flow and nourishment to your organs, your body and your human energy field, They are alternatively anchored in the upward and downward flows of the earth and spiritual flows. For a male, the top (and bottom) chakras are anchored in the downward spiritual flows while for a female they are anchored in the upward planetary flows.

We start by testing which flows your chakras are anchored in, then self-assess in detail those that appear to be anchored in the wrong direction. Reasons for wrong direction anchoring include past injuries, muscle tightness, or blocks around the chakras preventing their free movement. We work together to develop a plan for improved alignment and flow.

Balanced polarity enables horizontal chakra flows

aligned chakras Bob

The chart shown beside the Unit 6 description above shows the polarity charges for males and females for our seven trunk chakras, when they are anchored in the correct directional flow of the main vertical power current in our spine.

The diagram here shows Bob’s chakras (not his real name) in late January 2016. His polarity charges were in accordance with the chart above. When I first tracked Bob’s chakras, two had no charge (they had depleted flows) and three had incorrect charges and were tipping up or down.

You can test your trunk chakra polarity readily using dowsing (by asking Yes or No questions) about whether your polarity matches the chart shown. If not, then you test for zero polarity or opposite polarity.

Blocks and tears impact flow

Once the chakras have been aligned to their correct charge, the next steps include repair of individual chakras. Bob’s third chakra at his diaphragm as of January 2016 is shown here. The front portion is split, with a block at the bottom, while the back is almost totally blocked.

After practicing qigong regularly, and working on clearing chakra blocks and stabilizing chakra gates, all of Bob’s charkras were block-free and facing the correct direction, based upon his most recent pendulum testing.

Unit 8. Self-assess the coverage of your bone joint chakra field and set your future HEF goals

bone joint chakra field left hand back

Every bone joint in our body has a chakra, which nourishes our bones, tendons, muscles and blood. Together with the root trunk chakra, they create a field that extends up to about the distance of our elbows and knees from our trunk and out past our arms and legs. This bone joint chakra field is one of the ways that our HEF collects sunlight for the upper dantian to do its nightly cleansing process.

We will assess, then work with the bone joint chakra field, discussing a plan for improving its level of functioning. We will then review the status of each of the systems discussed in the previous units to assist your future wellness or lifestyle planning.


Our hand bone joint chakras look like trees

partial bone joint chakra field woman

The tree-like image beside the Unit 8 description is a representation of the bone joint chakras as seen from the back of the left hand. The outer edges of the chakras are frond-like, collecting sunlight and participating in the process of nourishing our body and HEF. The joint chakras are anchored in the joint axiatonal stars. An optimally functioning bone joint chakra field covers our entire body and matches the polarity of the root trunk chakra.

The image here shows the bone joint chakra field of a young woman who liked to spend time outdoors. The blue lightning represents several blocks in her field. The gaps in the field occurred in places where axiatonal lines or main vertical power current flows were disrupted.

Using qigong movement and other lifestyle changes, the coverage of the bone joint chakra field has been improved.

Loss of bone density = deficient bone joint chakra fields

Older folk who are unable to stand straight or have pain in their joints, as shown in this image, likely have a reduction in bone density and muscle mass as well as deficient bone joint chakra fields.

It requires work at multiple levels to rebuild our systems. For example, Bob, discussed in Unit 7, had osteoarthritis in his hands and hips. He is currently working on improving the flexibility of his deep muscles (such as the psoas), and is using exercise to address muscle imbalances, which according to Susan Westlake, are a major cause of hip osteoarthritis. For Bob’s hands, he uses periods of rest and a sesame-oil based ointment. His hands are now substantially pain-free, and his hips and lower back are improving.

By working through the units of this course you will have sets of tools and ideas to help you harmonize, balance and strengthen your HEF including your bone joint chakra fields.