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A Life Being Lived Enjoys Healing

The novels that we present on this website, each with a unique approach to storytelling, provide an added dimension to the never-ending search for wellbeing and healing. Though fiction and fantasy propel their narratives, the search for meaning and understanding is as real or valid as any other form of exploration. Sheyla’s Opal, for example, draws on elements of magic and supernatural powers to dramatically illustrate the boundless possibilities of working with the human energy field in bringing about healing from horrors experienced not only by individuals, but by the planet itself. Meanwhile on Cloud Nine takes a more whimsical look at humanity’s abdication of responsibility for its own wellbeing and how that might be corrected, while Smitten, based in the “real” world, shows how love and forgiveness can bring about healing.

We are pleased and proud to include these books on our website, because they represent only one of the many forms the quest for knowledge and understanding takes. We trust that those who choose to purchase them, will take what they need from them and incorporate it into their own journey.

Meanwhile on Cloud Nine by Jacob Hogeterp

Have you ever wondered what Cloud Nine was really like? This highly imaginative tale lets you in on the secret not only of its inner workings, but also what happens when one of us mere mortals gets involved in a major upheaval in this lower-heaven realm. Nothing up there or down here will ever be quite the same again.

Purchase Jake’s book via Amazon at: https://www.amazon.ca/s?k=meanwhile+on+cloud+nine&crid=31HEK0624XS5B&sprefix=Meanwhile+%2Caps%2C156&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_3_10

Jacob (Jake) Hogeterp is the author of two novels, and edits fiction, web site content and general articles. He’s also known to be something of a handyperson around the Sweet Hollows Design studio. He attributes his versatility to an insatiable curiosity, a rich imagination and the firm conviction that it ain’t necessarily so just because others say it is. That trio keeps his smile wry and his advice reliable.

To find out more about Jake’s writing and editing work, or to talk to him about editing your written work (short story, novel, web site or other work), contact him at j_hogeterp@yahoo.ca or visit his website at www.jacobhogeterp.ca

Sheyla’s Opal by Ingrid B. Splettstoesser

Sheyla's Opal CoverDoes someone who is 6,000 years old get bored? Not if you stay busy, and evil wizards keep you on your toes. Sheyla, the oldest healer-mage around at Microba, looks young. She is kept busy rescuing her family and community from a calamitous threats. Sadly, Jarade, an evil wizard who is Lord of a local estate, thinks only of himself as he disbands the wizard school he has operated for five years, sending trouble in all directions. His insatiable appetite for blood and pleasure disrupt Sheyla’s world, pushing her through the limits of her pain as she deals with the chaos he creates. Marko, a younger healer-mage, who is running from the Thing, steps in to help her, but is pushing Sheyla to kill that Thing, an ancient, sacrifice-demanding monster. Why push her now?

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This is Ingrid’s first novel (although a sequel and a prequel to this book are in the works). She has written textbooks, articles and teaching cases that are used by students to learn about information systems and auditing. Fiction is fun! She opened the Sweet Hollows Designs studio in fall 2018, where you can work with her in several areas. For example, to document, balance, or harmonize your aura (human energy field), or to use and practice a personalized qigong movement routine. Contact Ingrid at info@sweethollows.ca or visit her website at www.ingridsplettstoesser.ca.