Getting well now paintingGetting well now are the words in this painting. Take your senses and your awareness into new directions by working together with me to balance, harmonize and flow your subtle energy body. Float your smile among rainbow hues as we nourish ourselves and our planet.

Sparkle with the living breath of our planet as you sing your spiritual essence song. Strengthen your capacity to love yourself so that you can shine in our world and in your relationships. The fuel for your subtle energy body (and so for your physical body) comes from food, our planet, your spiritual connections, living air, your relationships, and more.

My courses are in progress of being converted to “ability-enabled.” This means asynchronous learning with individual email or in-person sharing (subject to location and COVID-19 constraints).

Contact me, Ingrid Splettstoesser via email at to learn more.

Check out our course offerings to see what works for you:

Use the Living, Loving Breath (Free)

living in the light picture

Passionate, loving growth is the purpose of the plants that give us living air. We engage in the living breath when we create living carbon dioxide from our bodies and allow ourselves to receive living air into our subtle energy body and physical body. This three-session course provides:

  • a living breath ceremony,
  • practices for rooting the living breath in our energy bodies and
  • ideas for further exploration and fullness.

Contact me, Ingrid Splettstoesser via email at to learn more or to receive access to the online materials.

Reiki Classes (Usui/Tibetan)

Reiki is a structured bio-energy form that follows healing intentionality. Some call it love. Some call it a gift from our spiritual source.

Reiki means universal (Rei) life force (Ki). Usui Reiki was started in 1922 when Mikao Usui was given the healing Reiki energy at a mystic retreat while suffering from an apparently incurable illness and was spontaneously cured. The Tibetan frequency of Reiki has been traced back to the 1800s and was taught to Mikao Usui, by Tschen Li. Each style of Reiki is associated with different symbols. Some teachers provide only the Usui symbols, while others provide both the Usui and Tibetan symbols. In our classes (Level 2 and Teacher/Master Level), we will be using both the Usui and Tibetan symbols. Participants receive both the Usui and Tibetan attunements in all levels of classes.

Parsing the HEF

Use the traditional art of qigong (life force energy practice) to work on your innate ability to tune into the different levels of your HEF to activate your inner knowing and healing potential. Choose to self-assess your HEF and work on wellness or lifestyle issues. Identifying your own dysfunctional patterns and moving towards HEF balance and harmony are tools for pain management, emotional management or physical strengthening. The course has the following units:

1: Spark the living breath.

2: Sing your core star, retrieve Akashic records data.

3: Examine the spiritual and planetary flows of your main vertical power current then stabilize its movement.

4: Assess your axiatonal system, link it to your power current system, and link them to your bone marrow and central nervous system.

5: Align your trunk power centres (dantians), moving their clearing and nourishing processes and learn about their clearing processes.

6: Test the polarity of your trunk chakras and self-assess the flow levels of these chakras.

7. Self-assess the coverage of your bone joint chakra field and the levels of flow among your bone joint chakras.