Refashion your gently used sweaters

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Wool is a precious material, available in limited quantities. Now, it is often dyed and combined with other materials. Yet, well-taken care of wool garments can last for many years, even though they may go out of style.

Our Medley Design Sewing classes are two hours long and are free. You pay for the supplies you use (such as thread and tracing paper), or you bring your own. We will periodically schedule a class in one of our four-day weekend events series. Or, you can collect two to four friends (maximum five people in a class), and email or telephone (705-229-4916) to book a class. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE.

The dog coats can be completed in one class. Sweaters and pants may require two to three classes, depending upon the garment design selected.

Dog Coats

Natural wool and Merino wool dog coats

Create a pull-on dog coat with a curved design that fits your dog well and acts as a natural rain barrier. For a small dog, the sleeves of a large sweater will be enough to make a coat.

Bring an existing dog coat so that we can size your new dog coat correctly and make a tissue pattern before cutting up your gently used sweaters.

Medley Sweaters

Three upcycled sweaters

The easiest way to make a re-designed sweater is to cut out the seams, then add a contracting stripe to obtain your desired size fit. We can also use a favourite sweater of yours to make a tissue pattern that fits you exactly.

It usually takes two to three large sweaters in good condition to make a new sweater to a pattern, with the sleeves and back providing the best resources.

Medley Pants

Medley pants wool and cashmere

These pants were made from two sweaters and super-merino wool (for the waistband and pockets).

We start with a large sweater where the sleeves will fit around your ankles and calves, then use a pattern that matches your hip size for the top half of the pant. Alternatively, bring a pair of track pants that wen can use to make a tissue pattern for your pants.

Have fun, choose sweaters that will provide a contrast.

I will provide a waistband with interfacing, pockets and buttons (cost $10.00, or you provide your own) so that we can make a secure fastening at the top of the pant.


Check out all Our Courses.