Woolly Tunics

Try our classic tunic styles made with precious fabrics

Three woolly tunicsComfortable, smooth, warm and cool because of their breathability: these are the contradictory characteristics of wool and wool-blend tunics.

Customize your tunic length, width or sleeve length to get the kind of fit that you prefer.

The foreground tunic is a two-tone black 100% merino worsted super-wool tunic.Tthe front top part is black with a white pinstripe, while the bottom is a black crepe-twist (and wrinkle resistant) 100% merino worsted super-wool. The brown fun-stripe tunic behind it is made from hand-woven fabric that uses wool and alpaca-wool blends with stinging nettle to create a unique garment. You can create your own unique fabric in our weaving lessons, or let us design one for you.

The third tunic is worsted woven 100% wool.

Our fabrics are premium, limited edition

Italian woven worsted fabrics use fine-spun yarns that have been combed to remove short strands, giving a smooth, soft, supple touch. Super-merino yarns are extra-fine, since the merino sheep have been bred to produce thinner wool.

We purchase our fabrics in small lots, from ten to about thirty metres, often taking the whole bolt remaining. When we run out of a particular fabric, we may not be able to replace it, choosing a different fabric instead.

The result is that you receive premium quality clothing in limited edition quantities. Our fabrics include, but are not limited to: 100% super-merino worsted woven wool, 100% super-merino worsted high-twist crepe or basket-weave wool, 100% worsted wool, super-merino or worsted wool and cashmere blends, 100% cashmere, cashmere/silk blends or 100% silk.

Make an appointment via email or by telephone to 647-688-9795 to come and see our current fabric selection.

Single-tone classic woolly tunic

Two grey plaid woolly tunics

This classic style tunic is made from 100% worsted wool (super-merino also available) with the entire garment made of the same fabric. Smooth and soft to the touch, it is comfy to wear.

Garment size is based on chest size. Come and try one on: we will adjust sleeve length, top length and width to your preferences.

Shown are a standard size 42 (foreground) and an extra-long 42 (for a 6’4″ gentleman).

Two-tone classic one-of-a-kind woolly tunic

Black with Black pinstripe tunic

The front upper portion and front upper sleeve portion are made with black pinstripe 100% merino super-wool fabric. The lower sleeve, lower front and back is made of crepe twist (wrinkle resistant) black. Smooth and soft to the touch, it is comfy to wear. Measured based upon chest sizes. Come pick your colours and try one on: we will adjust sleeve length, top length and width to your preferences.

Choose a unique colour mix to provide a limited edition garment.

Bring-your-own-fabric tunic

Fabric fun classic tunic

Don’t like our fabrics but love our style? Bring your own fabric or make your own fabric instead with one of our looms: learn how in our Creative Weaving sessions. Customize your sleeve length, tunic length, width, or even do a longer back than front, as shown with this tunic. This offer is available for the construction of a tunic made from 100% natural fibre (no cottons or dyes please).

Make an appointment by email or by telephone to assess how together we can create a unique garment for you.