Everyone deserves clothes that nourish their HEF

Wide and narrow leg pantsIn relationship to our human energy field (HEF), different properties have differing effects: some cause us to lose our life force energy, while others help to nourish us. The most nourishing fabrics are wool, cashmere and llama. Other fabrics that help to hold the HEF are silk and hemp canvas.

Our fabrics are premium, limited edition

Italian woven worsted fabrics use fine-spun yarns that have been combed to remove short strands, giving a smooth, soft, supple touch. Super-merino yarns are extra-fine, since the merino sheep have been bred to produce thinner wool.

We purchase our wool and wool blend fabrics in small lots, from ten to about thirty metres, often taking the whole bolt remaining. When we run out of a particular fabric, we may not be able to replace it, choosing a different fabric instead.

The result is that you receive premium quality pants and tops in limited edition quantities. Our fabrics include, but are not limited to: 100% super-merino worsted woven wool, 100% super-merino worsted high-twist crepe or basket-weave wool, 100% worsted wool, super-merino or worsted wool and cashmere blends, 100% cashmere, cashmere/silk blends and 100% silk. We also have hemp canvas available.

Organic merino wool interlock cuddles the skin

Our interlock knitted fabric stretches to provide superb comfort and fit. It’s great for tanks, long underpants and comfortable sweaters. Like other wools, after felting it shrinks and mats, creating a fabric that is extra-warm for gorgeous winter whites.

Come to see our styles at the Whole Life Expo 2019, November 8 – 9 – 10, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front Street West, Exhibit Hall C & B. We will be in Unit 27, featuring garments made of organic merino wool interlock, super-merino worsted wool, wool-cashmere blends and hemp canvas.


Make an appointment to visit our showroom via email or by telephone to 647-688-9795.