Woolly Pants

Straight-leg  comfort in precious fabric

Wide and narrow leg pantsWoven pants that feel good and look great while sitting or standing have ease around the hips.  Straight leg pants have that wonderful swoosh of natural fabric as you move. Our ladies pants are available made with only one fabric (which we call single-tone), or with a contrasting fabric in the side-back (which we call two-tone), providing a unique design. Choose from a selection of wool, or wool-cashmere blends.

Welcome to the no-fly pant

Our pants use a pocket-entry system with metal buttons at the waistband level so that we provide an easy-open and easy-close synthetic-free closure.

Why do we use this method? First, most plastic or metal-tooth zippers are attached to synthetic-blend fabrics or cotton (which our owner is allergic to). Second, we have tried numerous types of side and fly openings with buttons, snaps and hooks. We abandoned them because they were either too time-consuming to open and close, or were high maintenance (requiring frequent repair).

We use a natural 100% linen with horsehair interfacing to provide a synthetic-free. elastic-free pant.

We will build your pant to your desired length and size.

Our fabrics are premium, limited edition

Italian woven worsted fabrics use fine-spun yarns that have been combed to remove short strands, giving a smooth, soft, supple touch. Super-merino yarns are extra-fine, since the merino sheep have been bred to produce thinner wool.

We purchase our wool and wool blend fabrics in small lots, from ten to about thirty metres, often taking the whole bolt remaining. When we run out of a particular fabric, we may not be able to replace it, choosing a different fabric instead.

The result is that you receive premium quality clothing in limited edition quantities. Our fabrics include, but are not limited to: 100% super-merino worsted woven wool, 100% super-merino worsted high-twist crepe or basket-weave wool, 100% worsted wool, super-merino or worsted wool and cashmere blends, 100% cashmere, cashmere/silk blends and 100% silk. We also have natural linen and hemp canvas available.

Make an appointment to come and see our current fabric selection via email or by telephone to 647-688-9795.


Straight-leg below waist woolly single tone or two-tone pant

Straight leg dark grey wool pant

Shown here is a 100% dark grey woven wool pant with a white thread horizontal and vertical pattern. We also have available super-merino 100% wool in chocolate brown, black and grey tones. We have a limited quantity of black with white pinstripe and medium brown with chocolate brown stripe to produce two-tone (two-fabric) pants.

Our style of two-tone pant (and variations of it) ensure that you receive a limited edition unique garment.

Make an appointment by email or telephone (647-688-9795) to try on our styles and select your colours.

Bring-your-own fabric pants

striped fabric on loom

Don’t like our fabrics but love our style? Bring your fabric or make your own fabric instead with one of our looms: learn how in our Creative Weaving sessions. We will put together any of our pant styles for you if the fabric is machine-sewable. This offer is available for the construction of pants made from 100% natural fibre (no cottons or dyes please).

Make an appointment to assess how we can create a unique garment for you together by email or by telephone to 647 688 9795.